Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thanks for the Award, Harriet at Genealogy Fun!

Harriet, from the Genealogy Fun blog, awarded the Graveyeard Rabbit of Sandusky Bay the "One Lovely Blog" Award. Thank you very much, Harriet!

I would like to pass on the "One Lovely Blog" Award to:

Beth at Grave Addiction

Terry at Cemeteries of the Hill Country

Linda at Exploring Almost Forgotten Gravesites in Ohio

The folks at Catholic Architecture and History of Toledo, Ohio

Deb at Whistling Past the Graveyard

Amy at Graveyard Rabbit of Central Ohio

and to

The mappers at Grave Mappers


Yvonne said...

Doreen, You deserve the award.Your blog is wonderful and I check on you everyday. Yvonne (in Minnesota)

Dorene from Ohio said...

Thank so much, Yvonne. It truly is a labor of love!

Jeffrey Smith said...

Congratulations, and thank you.

Linda Jean Limes Ellis said...

HI Dorene,

I apologize for being slow in thanking you for nominating me for the "One Lovely Blog" award. I had my comments disabled for awhile due to receiving one that wasn't really appropriate for my blog, but I think I am back up to speed now. Keep up your wonderful work and postings on the Graveyard Rabbit for the Sandusky Bay area of Ohio. One of my favorite spots!