Sunday, May 3, 2009

William H. Gilcher Monument

Hewson Peeke, in his book A STANDARD HISTORY OF ERIE COUNTY, wrote that William H. Gilcher was the son of Peter and Christina Boos Gilcher. William was born on July 2, 1843. He was a prominent Sandusky businessman, active in the lumber and transportation business, the Norwalk Electric Company, and other business ventures. In 1868, William H. Gilcher married Minnie Rosenbaum (some sources list Minnie's first name as Tinnie or Tina), the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Rosenbaum. Minnie died in 1890. Twelve years after her death, William H. Gilcher married Julietta Stimson of Ashtabula.

At Sandusky's Oakland Cemetery, is a large family plot in remembrance of the Gilcher family. William H. Gilcher died on March 9, 1922. The main Gilcher monument is also inscribed with the names of Minnie Rosenbam Gilcher, and two of the children of William H. and Minnie Gilcher: William A. Gilcher, who died in Norwalk in 1925, and Minnie Gilcher, who died as an infant in 1870. Four spheres are located in the four corners of the Gilcher family plot. The cemetery's bandstand can be seen in the background.

Leading up to the monument, from the roadway, are two more spheres. On one sphere are the words Mother and Father.

The other sphere features the first names of two of the Gilcher children, Will and Minnie.

A Great Lakes steamer was named for W. H. Gilchrist. Sadly it went down in October of 1892, when all aboard perished. The loss was estimated at $200,000.

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