Monday, May 18, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Hosmer

A beautiful sculpture adorns the monument for Theodore and Louisa Townsend Hosmer. (Some records list Mrs. Hosmer's name as Louise.) According to an 1890 issue of the Magazine of Western History, Theodore Hosmer was born in Sandusky, Ohio in 1843 to Sidney and Elizabeth Camp Hosmer. (Elizabeth was the daughter of Major J. G. Camp.) During the Civil War, Theodore Hosmer served in the 145th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. In 1870 Theodore married Louisa Townsend, daughter of Sandusky pioneer William Townsend. They had one son, Alexander Hosmer.

Theodore Hosmer had many different business ventures. In 1873, he went to the state of Washington to help select a western terminus for the Northern Pacific Railroad. He was in charge of clearing the land and laying out the town, to prepare the area for the coming of the railroad. The Northern Pacific Railroad Co. organized the Tacoma Land Co. and placed Theodore Hosmer as general manager. He held that position until he resigned and left the city in 1882, due to his wife’s poor health. After Mrs. Hosmer’s death in 1885, Theodore Hosmer returned west. He became president of the Tacoma Light and Water Company. He had also served as the first Mayor of Tacoma.

On January 28, 1900, Theodore Hosmer died in Tacoma. His body was taken back to Sandusky, Ohio for burial. He is buried with his wife Louisa in the North Ridge section of Oakland Cemetery. In Tacoma, Washington, there is a street named for Theodore Hosmer. You can find an image of Theodore Hosmer and his former home by searching for "Theodore Hosmer" in the Image Archives of the Tacoma Public Library.

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