Monday, August 31, 2009

Dr. Charles Hope Merz

Dr. Charles Merz was born in Oxford, Ohio, Nov. 7, 1861. He attended Miami University and graduated from Western Reserve University College of Medicine in 1885. He was a physician in Sandusky for many years. Charles Hope Merz married Sakie Prout about 1891.

According to the book 10,000 FAMOUS FREEMASONS, by William R. Denslow,Charles H. Merz was the publisher of the Sandusky Masonic Bulletin. He was considered a scholar of Masonic history and wrote many books about the Masons, including GUILD MASONRY IN THE MAKING, available fulltext at Google Books.

Dr. Charles H. Merz died on October 14, 1947. He is buried in Sandusky's Oakland Cemetery. The son of Dr. Charles H. and Sakie Prout Merz was also named Charles Merz. The younger Charles Merz was an editor and author best known for CENTERVILLE, U.S.A., THE GREAT AMERICAN BANDWAGON, and THE DRY DECADE. Charles Merz was the editor of the New York Times from 1938 until 1961. His editorials in opposition to Senator Joseph McCarthy in the 1950's were influential on American thinking.

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Brother Camp said...

A true Brother, from my Hometown and my Lodge, Science 50. You are truly honored at the Sandusky Masonic Temple, and your books are read by the faithful, like myself. :. Camp