Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sallee, Sr.

Charles and Cora Nell Sallee were Sandusky residents in October of 1958, when W. S. Bittner wrote an article about them for the Sandusky Register. Mr. and Mrs. Sallee were both born in Kentucky. Charles learned the trade of plastering in Pittsburgh, but later he moved to Oberlin, Ohio. While in Oberlin, Charles was a plasterer on the campus of Oberlin College, where George Feick of Sandusky was the contractor.

Charles and Cora were married, and their first son, Charles Sallee, Jr., was born in Oberlin in 1911. Eventually the Sallee family moved to Sandusky, Ohio. The Sallees had a total of fourteen children, but only seven were alive in 1958. At that time, the children ranged in age from 24 to 47, and four of the children had obtained college degrees.

Charles Sallee, Jr., an artist, was a graduate of the Cleveland School of Art and Western Reserve University. June Sallee earned degrees from Ohio State and Western Reserve University. Regina Sallee Williams became a nursing educator. Marlene Sallee received a bachelor's degree in Social Work, and was working at the United Nations in 1958. Leroy Sallee followed his father's trade as a plasterer. Rebecca Sallee married, and had a family of six chidren. Henry Sallee was a free lance artist.

Charles and Cora Nell Sallee were members of the Second Baptsit church. They claimed that prayer had helped them throughout their lives, and the love of family was always present. Charles Sallee, Sr. died on April 30, 1967, and Cora Nell Sallee died on December 17, 1980. They are buried in Sandusky's Oakland Cemetery.Paintings by Charles Sallee, Jr. can still be seen at Second Baptist Church at 315 Decatur Street in Sandusky. The frames of the paintings were created by Charles Sallee, Sr.

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