Monday, October 17, 2016

Snapshot of the Extended Parker and Lindsley Families at the Wedding of Delores Dahs and Richard Parker in 1951

Today my cousin Barb shared this terrific family picture with me. It was taken on the occasion of Barb's parents in February of 1951.  The happy couple, in the bottom right of the picture, are Delores Dahs and Richard Parker. (Delores has a corsage, and Richard a boutonniere.) I have attempted to identify everyone in the snapshot.

Three youngsters in front row: Chuck Parker, Patricia Parker, Joan Baumeister.

In the row behind the three little ones: Glenn Parker, Janet Parker Baumeister, Lois Parker, Delores Dahs Parker (the happy bride!) and Richard Parker, ( the happy groom.) Behind Richard is Gary Lindsley (young man with eyes closed.)

Behind Uncle Glenn Parker (dark hair) is his mother, Ada Steen Parker, then Florence Lindsley Parker, then Libby Lindsley, then little boy Leroy Baumeister, who is sitting on his dad’s lap, Paul Baumeister (spouse of Janet.)

Back row: (this is tricky) Ruth Renwand Parker, Paul Parker, Sally Parker (later Sally Fresch), Leroy Parker (partly hidden behind Grandma Ada),  Leona Lindsley, Gloria Lindsley, Maribel Parker, Joyce Parker Orshoski, and Paul Orshoski.

In the very far back, the tall man is Clifford Lindsley, spouse of Leona.

While I have seen pictures of most all of these folks before, I never saw this particular group all together! It is wonderful to have cousins who get a slightly different perspective on family dynamics!!! Thank you Barb, for sharing this treasure with me!!! 

The following article about the newlyweds appeared in the Sandusky Register Star News on March 13, 1951.

Many of the individuals in this picture are no longer with us, and found their final resting place at the Perkins Cemetery. 

Note: I may have Gary Lindsley and Leroy Baumeister mixed up! The two young men behind the bride and groom are those two boys....but I am not 100% sure who is who! I need my Mom here to help me sort it all out!!


Miss Merry said...

What a neat family photo!!!

Nancy said...

What a great photo, Doreen. Lucky you to have a cousin to share it!