Saturday, October 8, 2016

Family Bible of H. MIlner

Today a dear cousin  has allowed to me to have in my care, for a time, the family Bible of Henry Milner (1820 - 1889.) Henry Milner is my3X great-grandfather. (Well sort of! ) Grandma Ada's parents were Charles F. Steen and Sarah Milner. Sarah's biological parents were Eliza Jane Westfall and Wheeler Nodine. For reasons I will probably never know, Eliza Jane Westfall Nodine gave her baby Sarah to her sister Huldah, the wife of Henry Milner. Sarah Milner was the only child of Henry and Huldah Milner.  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Henry Milner loved his wife and adopted daughter, and his grandchildren. In the Perkins columns of the Sandusky newspapers are countless articles about the Henry Milner family's participation in church, Grange, and community activities. Below is an ancestor chart beginning with my maternal grandfather, Steen Parker, and Henry Milner is included in it.

Such a blessing to have some time to look through this Bible! My cousin and I have already made a plan for the future as to where this Bible will ultimately be donated, so that future generations may enjoy it.  (This will be revealed at a later time.) Though he may not be my ancestor through DNA, I know that Henry Milner is connected to me and many generations of my family through loving kindness, hard work, and "ties that bind."


Miss Merry said...

Such a sweet post. Sounds like a wonderful man.

Dorene from Ohio said...

Thanks for stopping by Miss Merry!