Monday, October 24, 2016

Parents and Students of Venice Elementary, Circa 1940

This is a photocopy of an old picture of some of the students of Venice Elementary School and their parents, taken in the late 1930s or early 1940s. I do not have the original, and I cannot recall if this was a picture my mom had, or my neighbor Mary. In the top of the picture are all adults, and dressed very nicely. In the bottom of the picture are several students in the cafeteria, which was in the basement level of the old Venice School, then a part of Margaretta Local Schools. I only know a few of the names of the people in this old picture. To the best of my knowledge, the lady with dark hair is Mrs. Martin, who lived in Venice. Next to her is Mrs. Krafty, who used to be my Girl Scout leader.

On the close up view below, Mrs. Karl Sessler is at the bottom right. Immediately behind here is my paternal grandmother, Emma Orshoski. At the far right of the picture, I am reasonably sure that this lady is Rosie Mavros. Emma Orshoski and Rosie Mavros both resided in Bay View at that time.

Below, you can see the Martin twins, two young ladies with long dark hair, at the right side of the picture. In the back left is Mrs. Krafty, who appears to be working in the school cafeteria.

I am so sorry that this picture is of such poor quality. If anyone from the Venice or Bay View or Bay Bridge area can identify any of these folks, please leave a message! Thanks!


In an old article from the Sandusky Register Star News of Feb.4, 1947, all the individuals have been identified! Sorry the print is so small! I see that the lady whom I thought was Mrs. Krafty is actually Miss Dorothy Wahl! 

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