Sunday, October 30, 2016

Poetry Book by Rev .J.A. Griffith

This delightful book of poetry, entitled Garlands Gathered from God's Garden, written by Rev. J.A. Griffith, was recently given to me by a dear cousin. Rev. Griffith was the minister who confirmed my mother and maternal grandmother; he married my parents; and he baptized several of the children of Paul and Joyce Orshoski, including myself! He served as the minister of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Sandusky, Ohio, for many years.

I was very young when I met Rev. Griffith. My parents called him out of retirement, to christen my younger brother Todd. He held my hand gently, and said to me, "You are almost  as lovely as your mother." At that time he had white hair, and to me he seemed like an angel. The poem below was read at the wedding of my dad's cousin Janet, when she married Richard.

This poem was written to remind us that you can see the Lord's handiwork throughout the earth.

This small poem is entitled "I Would be Sorry."

Truly I would be sorry if I had never met Rev. J.A. Griffith. He was a positive influence on so many members of my family, and he was a well respected leader in our community. The final resting place of Rev. J.A. Griffith and his wife Golda is the Oakland Cemetery in Sandusky, Ohio.

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