Friday, July 15, 2016

Gram Irene Re-Connected with an Old Friend in 1954

I accidentally stumbled onto a delightful newspaper article while browsing through Newspaper Archive. It turns out that my great grandmother Irene Larkins Risko re-connected with an old friend in 1954 in Florida. A transcription of the article from the June 15, 1954 issue of the Fort Pierce News Tribune is below.

Girls Together

Mrs. W.R. Fogerty is entertaining an old friend of her girlhood whom she has not seen in 43 years. She is Mrs. Michael Risko of Sandusky, O. She and Mrs. Fogerty were chums during their teenages. After this lapse of 43 years they are going over old photographs taken at that time. One photograph was particularly interesting. It was in the possession of Mrs. Stanley Stevens, sister of Mrs. Fogerty, and in the group were Mrs. Risko’s parents and two aunts, all deceased. Mrs. Risko is the only remaining member of her family.

She will remain here for a number of weeks or until, as they stated, they have those past years all thrashed out.

Oh, how I would love to have seen those old pictures!


Miss Merry said...

I would love to see the photo, too! Today the newspaper would have scanned it and shared it in the article. Oh well.

Dorene from Ohio said...

Thanks for stopping in Miss Merry!