Thursday, July 7, 2016

Three Taylor Siblings Married Three Individuals with the Surname of House

In my family tree, I have many instances where siblings of one family married siblings of another family. Recently it came to my attention that this also happened in my House and Taylor lines. Percy Taylorwas the daughter of Joseph Taylor and his first wife Hannah Bell. She married Julius House in the early 1800s. Julius House’s twin sister Julia married JesseTaylor, the sister of Percy Taylor.  Another sibling of Percy Taylor and Jesse Taylor was Joseph Taylor, Jr. He married someone with the surname House also, but Sophia Smith House was a cousin to the twins Julia House and Julius House. Many members of the extended House and Taylor families migrated from Connecticut to Perkins Township, Erie County, Ohio in 1815, and found their final resting place in the old Perkins Cemetery, which during World War Two was moved to the current Perkins Cemetery.

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