Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Reuben Storrs, Pioneer Settler of Perkins Township

Reuben Storrs was born in Connecticut on January 12, 1787 to Ebenzer and Lois (Southworth) Storrs. Here is a brief sketch of Reuben Storrs from the book The Storrs Family in America:

Reuben Storrs went from Connecticut to Utica, N. Y.,  and was in business with his brother Shubael for two years.  In 1820 he removed to Dunkirk, Chautauqua County, where  he bought a farm of a hundred acres. Here his son was  born. He lived in Dunkirk till the spring of 1835, when he went to Perkins Township, near Sandusky, Ohio, where he  remained until his death, which occurred May 9, 1881. He  never returned to Connecticut, but heard occasionally from his old home by the way of a cousin, Schuyler Ross of Buffalo, N. Y.

In 1810, Reuben Storrs married Lucy Robinson. They were married for fifty years. Sadly she died in 1860. Reuben Storrs died on May 9, 1881, at the age of 94. A lengthy obituary for Mr. Storrs appeared in the Sandusky Register of May 18, 1881. The article stated that endured many hardships and privations in the pioneer life that he lived. he was "a good neighbor, kind and obliging, and ever willing to go forth, night or day, to minister to suffering humanity. During the last twenty years of his life his cane and his Bible were his constant companion...."

Reuben Storrs was buried in Perkins Cemetery next to his beloved wife Lucy. Reuben Storrs was the great great grandfather of my Great Aunt Maribel Storrs Parker. She indeed came from hearty stock!
(Aunt Maribel is the lady to the far right of the picture below.)

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