Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Patrick McSorley, Railroad Conductor

Patrick McSorley was born in Ireland about 1836. By the 1860s, he was married and was working as a railroad conductor in Sandusky, Ohio. He died following a tragic railway accident. His obituary, which appeared in the July 12, 1878 issue of the Sandusky Register describes his accident and death.

Death of Conductor McSorley

Conductor Patrick McSorley, of the Cincinnati, Sandusky and Cleveland railroad, died at his residence this morning. It will be remembered that Conductor McSorley had his right hand badly injured at Kenton a few days ago while trying to couple two cars. He was standing near the track and saw the cars coming together, and as there were none of the brakemen on the spot at the time, he hastened to the cars to make the coupling himself, and while doing so he was struck by one of the cars and thrown forward against the other one. Just as the car struck him he threw out his right hand to support himself and the hand was caught in the coupling apparatus and badly torn and mangled. Mr. McSorley was brought home that day, and shortly afterwards became afflicted with lockjaw. It was reported two or three days ago that he was dying, but he subsequently revived and his condition improved so much that hopes were entertained of his recovery; but about ten o'clock yesterday morning he died. He leaves a family. Deceased was well and favorably known among railroad men and others throughout this State.

Patrick McSorley's final resting place is St. Joseph Cemetery in Sandusky, Ohio. May he rest in peace. 

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