Saturday, July 4, 2015

Julius House used Hibbard's Family Pills in 1836

In a recent search at the Fulton History website, which features thousands of historical newspapers from the state of New York, I found this fascinating testimonial from my ancestor, Julius House:

Perkins, Huron Co., July 4, 1836

I have used Hibbard’s Family Pills in my family, and do not hesitate to
give them the preference to any we ever used. They are much esteemed
by all who have tried them in our neighborhood.
Julius House

This article is found underneath an advertisement for Hibbard's Pills in the Troy New York Daily Whig newspaper in 1837.  It was amazing to find such a small piece of information about an ancestor of mine who lived in the Firelands area so long, long ago!

Julius House was an early settler to Erie County (then Huron County) and he died in 1871, and was buried in the Perkins Cemetery.

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