Thursday, July 23, 2015

I Accidentally Found My Great Uncle's Birth Record!

While browsing through the newest databases in Ancestry Library Edition, I came across one called Virginia Birth Records, 1864-2014.  I entered my maiden name, as I recalled that some of my great uncles were born in Wise County, Virgina. The birth record looks as though it was re-created at a time later than Uncle Nick Orshoski's birth, because it stated that his mother was deceased. Of course, Great Grandma Julia Orshoski was alive when she gave birth to her son in 1912 in Wise County, Virginia.  The record appears to have been re-created from Uncle Nick's baptismal record from Sacred Heart Church. Even if you think you have every record that exists for a particular surname in your family, new records are being added all the time. Every now and then, run that name through a genealogical database, to see what new resources are now available!

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