Monday, July 30, 2012

A Basket Picnic Dinner at the 1913 Young-House Family Reunion

In a letter I found in my Great Grandma's Ada's notebooks, I learned that a "Basket Picnic Dinner" was to be held at the 1913 Young-House Family Reunion. The event was to take place on July 31, 1913, at Ruggles Beach, a popular spot for summer gatherings in the early twentieth century in Huron, Ohio.

My great grandfather, Leroy J. Parker was the Vice President of the Young-House Family Reunion Committee in 1913, and his mother, my Great Great Grandma Marian, was the secretary of the committee. I am guessing that Grandma Marian typed the letter to the various members of the Young and House families. Grandma Marian's parents were Lindsey House and Mary Ann Young. It was the descendants of Lindsey and Mary Ann (Young) House who attended the Young-House reunion.

Pictured below are just a few of the family members who attended this event. The photocopy of an old family photograph shows Leroy and Ada (Steen) Parker, and their two oldest children, Steen (younger child) and Glenn (older child.)

I have a feeling that the food in those picnic baskets was scrumptious! Many of the women who attended the reunion were the wives of farmers, who specialized in fried chicken and wonderful pies!

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