Monday, July 9, 2012

Jerome R. Widmer

Jerome R. Widmer was a well known house mover in Sandusky,Ohio in the early part of the twentieth century. An advertisement in the June 17, 1911 issue of the Sandusky Register stated that he could move houses, barns, or heavy machinery. In 1903, Mr. Widmer served as the foreman of streets in Sandusky, Ohio. Sadly, Jerome R. Widmer took his own life on April 30, 1921. An article in the May 3, 1921 issue of the Sandusky Register reported that he had been despondent over ill health. He killed himself with a revolver, and his dead body was discovered by his brother in law, Sandusky City Commissioner Theodore Miller, in a cottage at Willow Beach, on the west side of Sandusky. Jerome R. Widmer was survived by three sisters and a brother. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Theodore Stellhorn at the Miller residence. Jerome Widmer must have been dearly loved, as his tombstone was adorned with a picture of Mr. Widmer, which can still be seen at Oakland Cemetery today. Most likely his loved ones were comforted by seeing his likeness when they visted Jerome's tombstone.

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