Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Raymond Yeager, 1912-1914

In 1912, when my paternal grandmother Emma Yeager Orshoski was six years old, her parents, Andrew & Lena Yeager had a little boy named Raymond Yeager. Sadly, little Raymond died when he was only two years old. He was buried at St. John's Cemetery, south of Sandusky, Ohio, off of Route 250. I was always told that my father, Paul Raymond Orshoski, Sr., had the middle name of Raymond in memory of his uncle who died as a toddler. My brother was named after Raymond Yeager, too, since my brother was named after my dad.

Raymond Yeager's tombstone is adjacent to a farm field. His father, Andy, often worked as a farm laborer in Erie County, Ohio. How fitting that this little one's tombstone is still in a farm setting!

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