Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Veterans Monument at North Monroeville Cemetery

This monument at the North Monroeville Cemetery honors those who served in the United States Armed Forces during several wars.

Soldiers who served in the Revolutionary War are: Asaph Cook, Ephram Fish, Joseph Cook, and Benjamin Drake.

Those who served in the War of 1812 are: Charles L. Cook, John Hoyt, John Fish, Willard Jefferson, and Chauncey Cook.

Veterans of the Civil War include: Judson Willard, Harness Conyer, Fred Jefferson, Thomas Earl, Norman Gregory, George Young, George Lamoreux, John F. Miller, Newell B. Salisbury, Benjamin F. Drake, Henry Smith, Daniel Webster, Henry Thompson, William B. Horton, Victor Monroe, James Fish, John Holly, Charles Stimson, Charles Skaden, John Pinder, William St. John, Benjamin Frooman, M.R. Pierce, Youngs Gregory, Herman Webster, and Michael Freumd.

Those who lost their lives in the Civil War are: Judson Willard, Harness Conyer, Henry Thompson, George Young, William E. Horton, Thomas Carl, Benjamin F. Drake, Fred Jeffereson, Jorn F. Miller, Newell ____, Norman ____, Daniel ____. Some other veterans' names appear on the monument, but are no longer legible.

Those who served in the Spanish American War: Nicholas Fleming. World War One Veterans include George Scheid, Richard Turner Hort, and George O, Mara. John Turner fought in World War Two.

Thank you to those who served their country!


PalmsRV said...

Nice tribute!

Gale Wall said...

I love finding these. A great remembrance.