Sunday, May 6, 2012

Remembrance Booklet from the Funeral of Doris Wheeler Parker

My maternal grandmother, Doris Wheeler Parker, died on May 6, 1943, long before I was born, and when my mom was only eleven years old. Her funeral arrangements were handled by the Andres Funeral Home on Jackson Street in Sandusky.

After my mom was an adult, she filled in portions of the remembrance booklet from my grandmother's funeral.

Since Doris's father was never a part of her life, Mom left the space for his name blank.

Though they were divorced at time of Grandma Doris's death, her former husband, Steen L. Parker came to the funeral and he signed the booklet.

Grandma Doris had a group of friends who worked at Simplex. Those ladies put the word Simplex after their signatures.

Longtime friends Louie and Adeline Moosbrugger came to the calling hours at the funeral home for Grandma Doris.

She left this earth much too soon, but Grandma Doris was deeply loved and remembered.

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Nancy said...

She was very young, wasn't she!

I've never seen a funeral booklet like this. What a wonderful remembrance, especially when kept in the family and handed down. It's beautiful.