Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Coffin Monument at Clemons Cemetery

This tombstone at the Clemons Cemetery in Marblehead, Ohio honors the memory of Rev. Nehemiah Cogswell Coffin, his wife, and three children. A brief biographical sketch of Rev. Coffin is found in the book THE NATIVE MINISTRY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE, accessible at Google Books.

Nehemiah Cogswell Coffin was born on March 25, 1815 in New Hampshire, to Moses and Susannah (Farnum) Coffin. He graduated from Dartmouth College in 1836. He studied for the ministry at Andover Theological Seminary and Lane Theological Seminary. He married Susan J. Rust in 1842. Rev. Coffin ministered at churches in Fearing, Ohio; Bethel, Ohio; Bremen, Ohio; Hebron, Ohio; and Piqua, Ohio. In the early 1850's Rev. Coffin taught at Granville, Ohio. In the book The History of Boscawen and Webster From 1733 to 1878, we read that due to failing health, Rev. Coffin moved to Marblehead. He cultivated grapes, and hoped that life in a rural setting would help restore his health. Rev. Nehemiah Cogswell Coffin passed away on January. 9, 1868, after a life of much usefulness, lamented by all who knew him. Mrs. Susan Coffin died in 1893.

The names of three daughters of Rev. and Mrs. Coffin also appear on the tombstone. They are:

Ellen M. Stuart, 1844-1878
Lucy A. Coffin, 1849-1874
Hattie M. Coffin, 1861-1898

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