Friday, July 23, 2010

Underground Railroad Markers at Sandusky's Shoreline Park

Because Sandusky Bay leads to Lake Erie, and then on to Canada, Sandusky played a key role in helping fugitive slaves find their way to freedom in Canada. Many area residents provided food and shelter to the freedom seekers, and arranged for transportation, usually in the dark hours of the late night or very early morning. The Underground Railroad was loosely organized, and involved some of Sandusky's most prominent businessmen and officials.

Known boats that were involved in abolitionist activities included: Walk-in-the-Water, Superior, the Arrow, United States, Bay City, Mayflower, May Queen, and the Morning Star. Several Erie County residents who were active in the UGRR are buried in Sandusky's Oakland Cemetery, including F. D. Parish, C.C. Keech, and Rev. Thomas Holland Boston.

Rush R. Sloane wrote about the Underground Railroad of the Firelands in the July 1888 issue of the Firelands Pioneer.

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