Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mertz Monument at Oakland Cemetery

John Mertz died on November 5, 1928. He and his wife Ida are buried at Sandusky's Oakland Cemetery. John Mertz was born in Sandusky in 1859, the son of early residents Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Mertz. Mr. Mertz worked with his father in the sheet metal business, and in 1884 he formed a hardware store partnership with his brothers, which was known as J. Mertz & Sons. About 1919, John Mertz built a building at the corner of Water and Decatur Streets, and established a sheet metal factory there known as the John Mertz Manufacturing Co. He was also active in the real estate business in Sandusky and Erie County.

Funeral services were held for John Mertz at Grace Episcopal Church. Employees of the John Mertz Manufacturing Co. served as active pallbearers.

Born Ida Feick, Mrs. Ida Mertz died on April 15, 1945. She had been a member of the Grace Episcopal Church, the United Ladies' Sewing Circle, and the Women's Restroom Association. She was also associated with the Erie County Humane Society, the Sandusky Federation of Women's Clubs, Fortnightly club and the Sandusky Garden Club. Obituaries for John and Ida Feick Mertz are found in the Obituary Notebooks in the genealogical collection at the Sandusky Library.

While looking out at Oakland Cemetery from the back side of the Mertz monument, one can see the bandstand in the distance, and a panoramic view of the eastern portion of Oakland. Many of the tombstones in Oakland probably represent friends, family, and former business associates of Mr. and Mrs. Mertz.

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