Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday: Conrad Prediger

SANDUSKY "EINST UND JETZT" states on page 200 that Conrad Prediger was born in 1822 in Oberellenbach, Hesse. His spouse was Mariane Sotton (later sources list her name as Mary Ann Sutton), who was born in 1827 in the state of Pennsylvania.The 1855 SANDUSKY CITY DIRECTORY lists a C. Predinger as operating a merchant tailor shop on Water Street in Sandusky, Ohio.

Conrad Predinger died on March 25, 1868, at the age of 46. He is buried at Oakland Cemetery in Sandusky, Ohio. At the base of Mr. Prediger's tombstone is the German phrase:

Ruhe sanft im frieden

which translated into English reads:

Gently rest in peace

By the time of the 1880 United States Census, the widow of Conrad Prediger had married Mathias Bock. In 1880 Mary Ann, along with her sons Carl and Louis Prediger, were residing with Mathias Bock, and his three children from a previous marriage. Mary Ann Sutton Prediger Bock's mother, Christine Sutton, was also residing at the home of Mathias Bock in 1880.


Katie said...

Hi Dorene,

Thank you SO MUCH for the link to "Sandusky Einst und Jetzt!!!" I had hit a major dead end on my husband's ancestors the Ermisches and Charles Wettstein (Carl Whetstone). I didn't even know who the original Ermisch immigrant was and now I have his name, his wife's maiden name, marriage date and arrival in Sandusky Bay, and I also have Carl Wettstein (Wettstone)'s town of origin and his wife's maiden name! I had no idea this book existed as I am mainly an online genealogist. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing! I hope to visit Sandusky again and find their old tombstones someday, and find more about these pioneer citizens of Sandusky. Have a great Tombstone Tuesday :)

Katie (from The Gene Gleaner)

Dorene from Ohio said...

That is wonderful!!

I have grown to love SANDUSKY EINST AND JETZT, but I tend to use the English version more than the German. So glad you found some valuable information in it!!

Dorene from Ohio said...

Here is a bit of background information on SANDUSKY THEN AND NOW:


Katie said...

Thanks for the link! I'm excited to check out your blog to see what else I can find. Do you know which cemeteries these early German immigrants are primarily buried in? Thank you again! :)


Dorene from Ohio said...

Usually the Protestant Germans are buried at Oakland Cemetery, and the Catholics of German descent are buried at St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery.

Katie said...

Thank you! I can't seem to find the Ermisches or Wettsteins in the Oakland Cemetery index...hmm...I wish I were there to look around myself!

Dorene from Ohio said...

Katie -

I can do some checking around later this week.

If you give your email address, I will contact you that way with what I find.

Dorene from Ohio said...

Katie -
Have you checked the Ohio Obituary Index at RBHayes.org?

I saw these some Ermisch listings there. They provide obits. for $3 an obituary.