Friday, March 12, 2010

Dr. Thomas M. Cook, Civil War Surgeon

Dr. Thomas M. Cook is pictured in STORY OF THE ONE HUNDRED AND FIRST OHIO INFANTRY: A MEMORIAL VOLUME, by Lewis W. Day, available at Google Books. The photograph was taken by W. A. Bishop, a Sandusky photographer, in 1894. Dr. Thomas M. Cook was the regimental and brigade surgeon of the 101st Ohio Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War. Dr. Cook enrolled at Monroeville, Ohio on August 12, 1861. He was appointed Brigade Surgeon in September of 1862,and he was mustered out with his unit on June 12, 1865 at Camp Harker, Tennessee.

A biography of Dr. T. M. Cook's twin brother, James Hervey Cook, which appeared in the CENTENNIAL BIOGRAPHICAL HISTORY OF RICHLAND COUNTY, ed. by A.J. Baughman, states that the Cook family traces its roots back to the Mayflower. Thomas and James Cook were born to Jabez and Hannah Cook, in Richland County, Ohio on September 3, 1816. Dr. Thomas McCurdy Cook died in Sandusky on March 13, 1896. He is buried near his wife and son, Dr. Alta Cook, in Sandusky's Oakland Cemetery. Dr. Cook was highly respected by his family, friends, and the community.

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