Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday: Miss Daisy Kugel

Daisy Kugel was born in Sandusky on March 10, 1878 to Benjamin and Bertha Crane Kugel. She was highly educated, having earned her A.B. degree at the University of Michigan, as well as a Master's Degree in Home Economics at Columbia University. Miss Kugel also took graduate classes at the University of Chicago. For fifteen years, Miss Daisy Kugel was head of the Home Economics Department at the Stout Institute in Menomonie, Wisconsin. A brief article published in the August 1922 issue of the Journal of Home Economics reported that Miss Daisy Alice Kugel was to spend the summer in Europe, visiting schools in England, France and Belgium. Daisy authored a book of recipes for a series of textbooks at Spelman College.

After being associated with home economics education for many years, Miss Kugel moved back to Sandusky as a result of poor health. Miss Daisy A. Kugel passed away on December 18, 1940, after she received injuries when she was accidentally struck by an automobile not far from her Wayne Street home. An obituary for Daisy Kugel, found in the 1940 OBITUARY NOTEBOOK at the Sandusky Library, stated in part, "Miss Kugel had been a leader in the cultural life of Sandusky for a number of years and her death will come as a great shock by her wide circle of friends and acquaintances. She took an active part in the work of many organizations here." A separate newspaper tribute reported that Miss Kugel kept in contact with many of her former students, as they frequently sought out her counsel. Daisy A. Kugel is buried in Sandusky's Oakland Cemetery.

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