Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Inez Aletha Hill

Inez Aletha Hill, known as Aletha, was the daughter of Mary Steen Hill and George F. Hill of Berlin Heights, Ohio. Aletha graduated from Lake Erie College in 1904. She served as Assistant Postmaster of Berlin Heights for ten years, and was the librarian for Sandusky's Library from 1919 through 1923.

In 1923, Aletha was the Alumni Secretary at Lake Erie College in Painesville. She retired from the position in 1944, due to poor health.

An undated tribute to Inez Aletha Hill was written by Abbie Z. Webb for a Lake Erie College publication. Abbie wrote that many of the graduates of Lake Erie College felt this way about Miss Hill: "One of the most cherished memories of my college life is of Miss Hill, her cheer which brightened the darkest day, her true interest in the girls and in the personal problems we sometimes took to her for help in solving, her restoration of our confidence in our own powers when we felt beaten, her gladness in any special happiness we had." Miss Webb continued, "She had a genius for friendship and an unshakable faith in humankind. She loved people and saw in them their best, with which they rose to her belief in them."

Inez Aletha Hill passed away on March 31, 1947, after three years of failing health. She was buried in the family lot at the West End Cemetery in Berlin Heights.

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Nancy said...

Although Aletha looks a little stern in the photograph it's obvious that she was kind-hearted and personable. What a nice tribute to her.