Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Officers Interred at Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial

The Battle of Lake Erie
was fought on September 10, 1813 during the War of 1812. Oliver Hazard Perry, who led the Americans, became a national hero after his victory. Casualties numbered over one hundred for both the British and the Americans.

(Image from Perry's Victory Memorial: First Annual Report of the Perry's Memorial Commission, available at Google Books.)

Three British and three American officers are entombed at the Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial. The names of the men, as listed in the 1916 PERRY'S VICTORY CENTENARY are: Lieutenant Brooks and Midshipmen Laub and Clark of the American service; and Captain Finnis and Lieutenants Garden and Garland of the British service.

More details about these officers are available online at the Ohio Genealogy Express and at FindaGrave.

While Put in Bay is now known for its thousands of tourists every summer, in 1813, many lost their lives in the Battle of Lake Erie. A news item in the Toledo Blade reported that the Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial on South Bass Island is going to be closed for repairs for two seasons beginning in August, 2009.

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Midshipman Henry Laub was the son of Conrad Laub of Pennsylvania. His latest namesake, Henry Laub III, died earlier this year.