Friday, June 26, 2009

Titus Tilden

According to the 1850 Census,
Titus Tilden was a farmer in Oxford Township of Erie County, Ohio. Mr. Tilden was born in Vermont about 1813. His wife in 1850 was Elvira (sometimes spelled Alvira.) Children in the household were:

Denera age 8
Viola age 7
Plimpton age 3

THE ERIE COUNTY CEMETERY CENSUS, BEFORE 1809 lists the death of Elvira Tilden as October 4, 1854, at age 33. Records located on FamilySearch show that after the death of his first wife, Titus Tilden married Catherine Freeman.

Titus Tilden passed away on June 27, 1867, at age 51. Titus Tilden is buried next to his first wife Elvria in Erie County's Scott Cemetery.

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