Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nikolas Kuhman

At Oakland Cemetery in Sandusky, Ohio is the tombstone of Nikolas Kuhman. Roughly translated the tombstone inscription reads:

Here lies
Nikolas Kuhman
Born on 27 October 1861
Died on 25 June 1880
Age 18 years, 8 months

The Kuhmann family was listed in the 5th Ward of Sandusky, Erie County in the 1880 Census. The parents were August and Elisa Kuhmann, who both listed their place of birth as Baden. Other children in the family were Frank, Julia, and Charles. Nikolas's age was given in the census record as 19, and his occupation was "moulder."


Jeffrey Smith said...

Is that metal?

JamaGenie said...

Love the design of this stone. Is it stone?

Dorene from Ohio said...

I think it may be metal that rusted, and then was painted. There are many similar stones at Oakland Cemetery,
and most of them look like they are made of metal.