Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Judge Ebenezer Lane

Ebenezer Lane was born in Massachusetts in 1793 and died in Sandusky, Ohio on June 12, 1866. He was married to Frances Griswold, the daughter of Governor Roger Griswold of Connecticut.

In 1817, Ebenezer Lane moved to Ohio. He settled in Sandusky, after living in Elyria for a short time. Ebenezer Lane became Judge of Common Pleas of the Second Circuit in 1824, and in 1830 he became of Judge of the Supreme Court of Ohio. He held that position until 1845. Judge Lane was fond of books, owned 4,000 of them. Some called him a "walking library."

After his career as a judge, Ebenezer Lane focused his attention on railroads. Helen Hansen wrote in her book AT HOME IN EARLY SANDUSKY that Judge Lane had interests in the Mad River and Lake Erie Railroad, the Junction Railroad, and the Central Railroad of Illinois. He lived for some time in Chicago.

Judge Lane died of throat cancer in 1866. He was sadly missed by his family and friends. Judge Lane and his wife, and several family members are buried at Sandusky in Oakland Cemetery. An article about the life of Judge Ebenezer Lane can be found in the June 1867 "Firelands Pioneer."

William Lane, the son of Ebenezer Lane, was also a judge. He is buried in Oakland Cemetery as well.

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