Monday, June 8, 2009

Janice Brown Puckerbrush Award for Excellence

Thank you Harriet, from Genealogy Fun,for awarding the Graveyard Rabbit of Sandusky Bay blog with the Janice Brown Puckerbrush Award for Excellence!

The award was created in honor of genealogy blogger Janice Brown by Terry Thornton, author of Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi, who explained that "Janice told us all about the word 'puckerbrush' in an article she posted August 27, 2007 at "Cow Hampshire". Terry explained: 'On any land allowed to go fallow and left untended, a wild assortment of wild plants grow – in some areas, this wild growth results in such a thicket of plants that it is almost impossible to push your way through the growth. So it is with the growth of blogs --- so many that it is impossible to read them all. But in the puckerbrush eventually a few plants/trees become dominant and influence all who view them through the thick surrounding puckerbrush. And it is those outstanding blogs whose influence spreads beyond just the surrounding rabble of puckerbrush that I'm honoring.' Terry issued this challenge: Henceforth these awards will be called the Janice Brown Puckerbrush Blog Award for Excellence. Bloggers who receive this award are challenged to name the ten blogs which have influenced their writing the most and list them as a tribute to Janice.

Even though I am very much influenced by a large number of genealogy and graveyard blogs, the two bloggers who influenced me the most in my early days of blogging are:

The Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi

Terry's writing is amazing; his stories bring history to life!


Desktop Genealogist Unplugged

Another Terry also features terrific writing, and her list of links is my "go to"
list for keeping up with other blogs.

Blogs that help me to learn more about family history and graveyards are:



The Association of Graveyard Rabbits

Both blogs are gateways to many, many more blog entries related to genealogy and graveyard. My life is incredibly richer because of them!

Two blogs which exhibit outstanding creativity are:

Shades of the Departed


Destination Austin Family

A blog that always keeps me laughing with his Saturday Night Genealogy Fun is:


A blog which teaches me a lot about New York City is:

The Bowery Boys

Most of these blogs have probably already been given the Janice Brown Puckerbrush Award, but here is yet another one! Visit them and enjoy the sights and sounds!