Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Sinerson Monument

Several members of the Sinerson family are buried in the family plot at Block 94 of Oakland Cemetery. According to the 1900 U.S. Census for Erie County, John and Mary Sinerson were both born in Germany, John having emigrated in 1866, and Mary in 1861. The Sinerson children were listed in the 1900 Census as:

John Sinerson, age 42
Martin Sinerson, age 30,
Emma Sinerson, age 29
Amelia Sinerson, age 28
Charles Sinerson, age 26
Anna Sinerson, age 20
Edwin Sinderson, age 9

The 1904 Sandusky City Directory indicates that John Sinerson, the father of the family, was the manager of the S. J. Kibler and Brother, Co., a company which dealt in hides. John Sinerson, the son, was the proprietor of the Murschel House, a hotel which also had a restaurant. The Murschel House was located opposite the railroad depot in Sandusky.

John Sinerson, Jr., died on November 22, 1903. His obituary in the November 27, 1903 "Sandusky Evening Star" reported that John had been "one of the best known men in the city...The deceased was of a cheerful disposition and made hosts of friends by his unique way of relating amusing stories and it is believed that he did not have an enemy in the city. His sudden death came as a shock to those who knew him best." John Sinerson, Jr. was only 35 years old at the time of his death.

John Sinerson, Sr. passed away on May 28, 1911. His wife Mary (also known as Marie or Maria) died on January 28, 1918. Other family members buried in the Sinerson family plot are: Charles Sinerson, who died in 1937; Martin Sinerson, who died in 1930; Katherine who was the wife of Charles Sinerson, who died in 1957; Anna Sinerson Hopf, who died in 1966; and an infant Sinerson, who died in 1899.

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buzzelightyear said...

This is a really neat blog, and I look forward to reading more of your posts. I stumbled upon it by accident while researching some information about Sandusky Bay (I grew up just a bit further to the south in Seneca Co. and would visit the Sandusky/Catawba/Port Clinton area every year on family vacation).

Yours is fascinating hobby; I have done a bit of exploring graveyards and have some interest in genealogy as well, so I have tried to capture some photos when I've had the time to preserve the image of some of the older tombstones of my ancestors in Huron and Seneca Cos... many of the limestone ones are gradually wearing down from the ravages of time and acid rain in particular.

I read the Sinerson Monument story with interest, and although they are not related to me, I found the account about John Jr. to be especially poignant and intriguing; a tragic loss of someone that young who was loved by all. I very recently found a (free!) site called Family Search which is similar to Ancestry.com but no fee; on it you can search all of the Ohio County Death Records and see microfiche of those records. Not that I have a particularly morbid fascination, but I think it's useful information to find out more about one's ancestors and perhaps even gain insight about family health, and in your case to learn a little bit more about how the folks in the tombs and crypts you photograph lived and died. You might need to make a free account first & sign in; I can't remember. I searched for John Sinerson Jr. using Sandusky as the location and the 1903-1904 as the input parameter for date of death range. Here's the link if it doesn't require login:


Sadly, his cause of death is listed as alcoholism, not that this in any way affects my opinion of him or the tragedy of his loss, but I was kind of expecting something like influenza or an accident. I hope you will find the Family Search website and the Death Records to be of use (I have no business connection or financial conflict of interest with them). Best regards and I'll come back and read more of your interesting blog.