Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Robert and Mary Ann Carter, Natives of England

This tombstone honoring the memory of Robert and MaryAnn Carter is located in Block 5 of Sandusky’s Oakland Cemetery. Mrs. Mary Ann Carter died from heart disease in 1879, just a few days after the birth of her youngest child. Robert Carter died from consumption in March of 1889. According to the death record of William Carter, his father Robert had been born in York, England. Mary Ann Carter, whose maiden name was Mary Ann Harrison Spencer had been born in Nottingham, England. A listing in Hellrigle's 1876 Sandusky City Directory listed Robert Carter is residing in Sandusky, Ohio, and his occupation was “plane maker.”  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carter had six children, including a son William who was a printer for the Sandusky Register. Four of the Carter daughters, Lucy, Frances, Minnie and Amelia (sometimes known as Millie) became school teachers. Another daughter, Emily Carter Siggens, was the mother of Ernie Siggens, who was a football star at Sandusky High School, and went on to serve as Sandusky’s Mayor. 

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