Sunday, January 3, 2016

George Mylander, Sandusky Civic Leader and Philanthropist Has Died

Today Sandusky, Ohio is mourning the loss of George Mylander, a longtime leader in the community, philanthropist, and former city commissioner and ex-officio Mayor of Sandusky. Personally I got to known Mr. Mylander primarily through the Erie County Historical Society. Mr, Mylander was present at the dedication of the historic maker which commemorates the former Medusa cement factory. At another meeting of the Historical Society, he saw to it that I got to meet the granddaughter of football great Knute Rockne. He was one to whom community members turned for advice and guidance. He will be deeply missed. You can read about a hall at BGSU Firelands, which was named for Mr Mylander in recent years, in this article from the BG News.

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