Friday, September 11, 2015

Rev. Patrick Henry Brown, 1834-1878

Rev. Patrick H. Brown was born in 1834. In the 1850 Census, Patrick Henry Brown was residing in Clinton County, New York, with a large family. Most likely his parents were David and Bridget Brown. In 1860, Patrick Henry Brown’s name was listed on the census record as Henry Brown. He was age 25, residing in Cleveland, Ohio . His occupation was “Roman Catholic student.” In 1870, the U.S. Census lists Henry Brown, age 35, in the same residence as David Brown, age 67. His occupation was clergyman.

According to the website of the Immaculate Conception Parish of Ravenna, Rev. Brown was assigned to the Catholic church at Hudson, Ohio in 1860, and he later served churches in Ravenna and Kent as outreaches of the Hudson church. Father Brown worked earnestly on raising funds for the building of a church in Ravenna. In the 1870s, Father Patrick H. Brown moved from the Catholic church in Ravenna to the St. Columba Catholic Church in Youngstown, Ohio. Father Brown became sick and died in late September of 1878. His remains were brought to the St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery in Sandusky, Ohio. Members of the St. Columba Church erected the beautiful monument in memory of Rev. Patrick H. Brown. This inscription is located on the side of the monument which faces north. Father Brown died while he was still in his forties.

Father Brown is credited with bringing the Ursuline Nuns to St. Columba during his years of ministry in Youngstown. He wanted the nuns to teach in parochial school at St.Columba. A picture of Father Brown can be seen at the website of St. Patrick Catholic Church, from his years of ministry in Kent, Ohio.

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