Sunday, September 20, 2015

Lotz-Claven Monument at St. Joseph's Cemetery

In Section B of St. Joseph's Cemetery in Sandusky, Ohio, is a monument which honors the memory of several members of the Lotz and Claven family. The name of Henry J. Lotz appears on the top of the side of the monument which faces east. Henry J. Lotz ran a grocery store in Sandusky, where Joe Sundae's is now in business, from the 1850s to the 1880s. Henry J. Lotz died on October 18, 1887. His wife, the former Bridget Claven, died on March 9, 1889. The names of Teresia Lotz, who died on August 27,1856, and Jane Lotz, who died on July 17, 1857, most likely daughters of Henry and Bridget (Claven) Lotz. appear underneath the names of Henry and Bridget. On the side of the monument which faces to the west, are the names of Bernard Claven, the father of Bridget Claven Lotz, who died on January 28, 1953, and the name of Catherine Lutz,who was the daughter of Henry and Bridget Claven Lotz. (Lutz is an alternative spelling of Lotz.) Catherine Lutz was age ten months, at the time of her death on July 19, 1853. 

A lovely angelic face with wings adorns the top of the monument honoring the Lotz and Claven families.


Miss Merry said...

Beautiful monument. I wonder if the Lotz's had any other children that survived, or just suffered the loss of three young daughters.

Dorene from Ohio said...

Miss Merry,

I am pretty sure they had two more daughters, and a son who became a priest.