Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sentimental Sunday: "Entering the Firelands" Marker

This historical marker which reads:


is located near the intersection of State Route 101 and Northwest Road, along the line between Erie and Sandusky County.

Several of these "Entering the Firelands" markers have been placed along the border of the Firelands by the Erie County Historical Society. A brief history of the Firelands is found at the website of the Firelands Museum:

The Firelands of Ohio is geographically a half-million acres of land off the western end of the Connecticut Western Reserve in northern Ohio. It was first called the Fire Sufferers Land, a name that was soon shortened to the Firelands. This tract was given by the Connecticut Legislature in 1792 to citizens of nine towns which were invaded and damaged by British troops during the American Revolution. The British were attempting to destroy manufacturing and shipping which aided the Continental Army.

Read more about the history of the Firelands at these online sites:

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My ancestors Julius and Percy (Taylor) House were pioneer settlers in Perkins Township, which was a part of the Firelands. Many businesses, schools, a hospital, and a college have been named for this historic piece of land. The Firelands Pioneer, available at many northern Ohio libraries,  is a multi-volume journal which features articles about the early settlers of the Firelands. I am so thankful that the pioneers of the Firelands chose to write down their memories, so that we can understand what life was like for many of our ancestors!

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