Monday, November 17, 2014

Rev. Moses M. Marling

According to a biographical sketch found in the book BIOGRAPHICAL AND HISTORICAL CATALOGUE OF WASHINGTON AND JEFFERSON COLLEGE, Moses Morton Marling was born on November 5, 1835 to Samuel and Mary (Carter) Marling in Roney's Point, West Virginia. He graduated from the United Presbyterian Theological Seminary in 1862, and he was ordained into the ministry on April 3, 1864. Rev. Marling served as a minister in the Presbytery of Kansas; Randolph County, Illinois; Roney's Point, West Virginia; Halsey, Oregon; and in Carlock, Illinois.

Rev. Moses M. Marling died on November 17, 1912 at the home of his nephew Arthur Terrill on Finch Street in Sandusky, Ohio. He was 77 years of age. Funeral services for Rev. Moses M. Merrill took place at his nephew's home, and burial was in Oakland Cemetery. So while Rev. Marling served as a minister in several areas all throughout the United States, he was laid to rest in Sandusky, Ohio, in a place where it appears he did not serve as a minister of the gospel. May he rest in peace.

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