Friday, November 7, 2014

Dr. Robert R. McMeens

Dr. Robert Ritchie McMeens was born in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, in 1820. THE HISTORY OF SENECA COUNTY, by William Lang, tells us that Dr. McMeens graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in the Spring of 1841. He married Ann C. Pittenger in August, 1843. In 1846 Dr. and Mrs. McMeens moved to Sandusky, Ohio. During the Civil War, Dr. McMeens served as a surgeon with the Third Ohio Infantry. On October 30, 1862, Dr. McMeens died suddenly, while serving at the Battle of Perryville. The following tribute to Dr. McMeens was composed at a meeting of U.S. Army surgeons at Perryville, Kentucky on October 31, 1862:

Dr. Robert R. McMeens is buried at Sandusky's Oakland Cemtery. He was inducted into the Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame on November 2, 2006. Anna McMeens, the widow of Dr. McMeens, was the housekeeper for Jay Cooke at his home on Gibraltar Island. You can view several photos of Gibraltar Island at Lake Erie's Yesterdays. During a Civil War exhibit at the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center, a field kit and other Civil War items which once belonged to Dr. R. R. McMeens were on display.

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