Saturday, October 18, 2014

Mrs. Emma Marsh Sadler, 1849-1930

Mrs. Emma L. Marsh Sadler was born in 1849 to George A. and Caroline Marsh. Emma's father was a pioneer plaster merchant in Ohio. In 1877, Emma L. Marsh married Charles Webb Sadler, the only child of Judge E.B. Sadler.  The wedding ceremony was officiated by Rev. E. Jay Cooke.

According to the Sandusky Star Journal of October 21, 1930, Mrs. Emma Marsh Sadler passed away on October 18, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Samuel Stanton, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Funeral services were held at the home of another daughter, Mrs. J. Frank Donahue, in Sandusky, Ohio, and burial was at Sandusky's Oakland Cemetery. At the time of her death, Mrs. Emma Marsh Sadler's son, C. Webb Sadler, was serving as Sandusky's City Manager.

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