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Mrs. Georgiana Holcombe Hubbard, 1826-1916

Miss Georgiana Hubbard was born in Connecticut on July 18, 1826, to Daniel B. Holcombe and Sarah Case Holcombe. In September of 1846, Georgiana Hubbard married Watson Hubbard, a man who would eventually have large interests in the lumber business, both in Michigan and in Ohio. In 1867, Watson and Georgiana Hubbard were residing in Sandusky, at the northwest corner of Wayne and Jefferson Streets. Three children were born to Watson and Georgiana Hubbard, but two died in childhood, Georgiana and Franklin Hubbard. Elizabeth Hubbard, the daughter of Watson and Georgiana Hubbard, survived to adulthood, and she became the wife of Jay Caldwell Butler. Watson Hubbard passed away in 1907. Mrs. Georgiana Holcombe Hubbard lived to be ninety years of age. She died in Sandusky, Ohio on September 10, 1916, at her home at 429 Wayne Street. A lengthy obituary for Georgiana Hubbard was featured in the September 11, 1916 issue of the Sandusky Star Journal, written by one who knew her well. The author of the tribute had the initials J.H.L.D. (Most likely this was Jennie Livingston Hubbard Denig.) The obituary read in part:

"The death of Georgiana Holcombe Hubbard on September 10, 1916, removes from our midst a beautiful character - fearless, unselfish, generous and dignified. In her we felt we could depend; she would be ever the true friend and wise counsellor, for she embodied the graces of common sense, discretion, true perception, discrimination, straightforwardness and right judgment. Her brain and body and spirit were perfectly balanced and splendidly co-ordinate. She possessed a remarkable and accurate knowledge of the world's history and her logical mind loved to trace the influence of the past on current events, with which she was always well informed. Her mind did not age with her body. ...Mrs. Hubbard had a tender heart and open hand for those distressed and needing help. She gave freely and without ostentation. Not even those nearest her always knew!"

Mrs. Georgiana Holcombe Hubbard was an active member of Grace Episcopal Church. Funeral services for Mrs. Hubbard were held at the family residence on Wayne Street. Burial was in Oakland Cemetery.

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