Friday, September 26, 2014

Morgan and Amelia Young

Recently I discovered that my 3rd great grandaunt, Amelia House, and her husband, Morgan Young, my 3rd great granduncle were each the sibling of my 3rd great grandparents, Lindsey House and Mary Ann Young. Morgan Young was born on March 9, 1819 in Richland County, Ohio, to Noah and Anna Young. Amelia House was born on April 20, 1823 in Perkins Township, in what was then Huron County, Ohio, to Julius and Percy (Taylor) House. They were married in 1846, and had a large family of eight children. Morgan Young died on September 24, 1884, and Amelia House Young survived until November 14, 1911. They were buried in the New Haven Cemetery in Huron County, Ohio, along with the young daughter Clara, who had died in 1863. You can read much more about the Young family in the book OUR YOUNG FAMILY IN AMERICA ,by Edward Hudson Young (Durham, North Carolina, 1947), available full-text at the Internet Archive.

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