Friday, September 5, 2014

Confida Textor

The Oakland Cemetery interment card for Confida Textor indicates that she died from a fever, at the age of two years and three months. Though the month of April was listed, the year of her death was not recorded. A search of birth, death, and census records yielded no results. Several other Textor family members are buried in Block 59 at Oakland Cemetery, but little Confida was buried in Block 59. Today, no stone remains at Oakland Cemetery for Confida.

Confida appears to be a feminine name based on the root word of confide. A quick search at Ancestry Library Edition for individuals with the first name of Confida showed several females of Italian descent, and one member of a religious order named Sister Confida.

Three separate Textor families appear on page 207 of SANDUSKY EINST UND JETZT, a book which chronicles the early German settlers in Sandusky, Ohio, and is accessible at Google Books.

Mostly likely Confida Textor was the daughter or granddaughter of one these early Textor residents of Sandusky. The little girl with the beautiful name remains a mystery. May she rest in peace.

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