Tuesday, July 1, 2014

"Blooper" Picture from Mom and Dad's Wedding in 1950

Recently I found a stray negative in a box of old pictures.I asked my co-worker if he could scan it, and it turned out to be a "blooper" picture from my parents' wedding photographs. Pictured above in front of St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Sandusky, Ohio,  are: Paul Orshoski, Sr., Joyce Parker, Sally Parker, and Wayne Orshoski. My parents, Paul and Joyce, were married by Rev. J.A. Griffith on July 1, 1950. Sally is Mom's younger sister, and Wayne is my dad's younger brother. You can just barely see Rev. Griffith, just behind my Aunt Sal, on the steps of the church. I think this picture didn't get in with the regular wedding photos, because all those in the wedding party are not looking at the camera. My close friend Ginny, lives right across from this church on Central Avenue. When I sit with Ginny on her porch, I can view this spot, and remember the stories Mom told me about how Rev. Griffith confirmed both my mom and her mother, married my parents, and baptized several of the infants in our big family.


Nancy said...

It's probably not a photo a bride would want in her photo album if there was a better one but I think it's still a good snapshot. How kind of your friend to scan it for you.

Dorene from Ohio said...

My co-workers are amazing!