Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sentimental Sunday: Osborne School, My Mom's Elementary School

A part of the Sandusky City Schools, Osborne Elementary School is the school my mom, Joyce Parker Orshoski, attended from 1937 to 1943. During her years in elementary school, the United States entered World War Two, money was tight (at least it was in the Parker family), Mom's parents got divorced, her Grandpa Larkins had a stroke, and Mom's mother died while she was still in her 30s. In spite of all these negative things in her life, Mom loved her memories of Osborne School. She made many life long friends there, and she adored her teachers. A brief article in the December 14, 1941 issue of the Sandusky Register Star News reported that Joyce Orshoski brought suckers for a treat for her fifth grade class. I'm sure it was in celebration of her tenth birthday, the very month that Pearl Harbor was attacked and the U.S. entered World War Two. One of Mom's favorite memories from Osborne School was working on the mural of Cedar Point, which still stands in the toy room of the Follett House Museum.

Miss you Mom!

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