Sunday, July 6, 2014

Charles Glover and Ellen Glover Boor

The 1882 Sandusky City Directory lists Charles Glover as a dry goods merchant. Both his residence and business were located on Hancock Street. Though the tombstone reads that Charles Glover died in 1883, the Sandusky Register of September 29, 1884 indicates that Mr. Glover passed away on September 27, 1884. He was buried at Sandusky's Oakland Cemetery. Mrs. Ellen "Nellie" Glover wed William Boor on October 15, 1891, according to Erie County Probate Court records. Mrs. Nellie Boor died on March 30, 1904. Details from the will of Ellen "Nellie" Glover Boor were discussed in the Sandusky Star on April 2, 1904. Mrs. Boor requested that the remains of her first husband, Charles Glover, be re-interred in a vault along with her remains, and that a joint monument be erected at Oakland Cemetery. She left portions of her estate to two individuals in Sandusky, and a portion to Trinity Methodist Church. The monument which honors the memory of Charles Glover and Ellen Glover Boor is adorned with a wreath and two flowers. Though over a century old, the majestic Glover-Boor monument is still very legible.

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