Thursday, June 19, 2014

Louis and Ida Matthias

Louis H. Matthias was the oldest employee of the Medusa Portland Cement Company at the time of his death on June 19, 1953. An article in the June 20, 1953 issue of the Sandusky Register reported that the management of the Medusa Portland Cement Company paid tribute Mr. Matthias on the occasion of his death. Louis worked at the cement plant for 60 years, having begun at Medusa as a cooper in 1893. He helped to make barrels for shipping the cement. When he still lived in Sandusky, as a young man, he drove his horse to Venice, and stabled the horse there. Then, he would walk along the New York Central railroad tracks from Venice to Bay Bridge to work at Medusa. Louis Matthias was a lifelong member of Trinity Lutheran Church in Venice, Ohio. Funeral services for Louis Matthias were held at the Lutz Funeral Home, and he was buried at the Venice Cemetery. Mrs. Ida Matthias died in 1962, and she was buried next to Louis at Venice Cemetery. Mr. and Mrs. Matthias were the parents of two daughters and one son, and several grandchildren and great grandchildren. Mr. Matthias is one of the "twenty five year men" from the Bay Bridge plant of the Medusa Portland Cement Company, pictured below:

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