Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sentimental Sunday: Educational Statistics from Erie County, Ohio in 1917

While browsing online through Google Books, I came across an issue of  The Ohio Teacher (volume 37, number 6), from January, 1917. On page 223, I found several statistical listings, prepared by R.E. Offenhaur (sometimes spelled Offenhauer), an educational administrator from Sandusky, Ohio.

In 1917, there were still some one-room and two-room schools in operation in Erie County, Ohio. At that time, 18 teachers were college graduates; 12 teachers were normal school graduates; 29 teachers had one year of normal school training; and 77 teachers had less than one year of professional training. High school teachers in Sandusky City Schools had the highest average yearly salary in 1917, at $1062.50 per year. Elementary teachers in Berlin Township, Erie County, Ohio, had the lowest average yearly salary, at $470.07 per year. Browse through Google Books for educational statistics for teachers in your part of the country. How things have changed through the years! Roy E. Offenhauer went on to become the second  president of Bowling Green State University.

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