Sunday, January 12, 2014

Jacob J. and Jenna Schrank

Jacob J. Schrank was born in 1878 in Germany to Jacob and Phillipina Schrank. As a youngster, he immigrated to the United States. In 1910, Jacob was living in Ward 3 of Sandusky, Erie County, Ohio, with his widowed mother, and two sisters. According to the 1910 U.S. Census, Jacob J. Schrank was already assistant manager of a fish company. Jacob continued to be associated with the Booth Fisheries in Sandusky until the 1930s. On Valentine's Day of 1914, Jacob J. Schrank married Jena Biehl at the First Congregational Church in Sandusky.

Jacob J. Schrank died of pneumonia on March 3, 1935. He was survived by his wife, three sisters, and several nieces and nephews. Mr. Schrank had active in Masonic organizations in Sandusky. He also was a member of the Elks, Sandusky Council of United Commercial Travelers, the Catawba Cliffs Club, and the First Congregational Church. Funeral services for Jacob J. Schrank were held at the family home on Hancock Street, and burial was at Oakland Cemetery. Mrs. Jena Schrank died on January 12, 1967. The majestic monument honoring the memory of Jacob J. and Jena Schrank features Masonic emblems. Mr. Schrank's obituary appears in the 1935 OBITUARY NOTEBOOK at the Sandusky Library,and  Mrs. Schrank's obituary was in the January 12, 1967 issue of the Sandusky Register.

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